26 Sep , 2016

Interesting article today on Yahoo Finance that discusses retailers responses to Amazon's dominance.

It covers the use of robotic assistants as well as line busting self-service check out kiosks like the ones we provide to Panera and Whole Foods. They even have a picture of a trio of Lilitab kiosks at Whole Foods new 365 market in Los Angeles.

"Whole Foods 365 stores, for example, have iPad kiosks that let customers order food from the on-site kitchen, iPads with digital scanners to provide details about wine, digital scales for weighing foods, and digital price tags. The reliance on tech over employees is intended to both cut costs — allowing for lower prices —and appeal to millennial shoppers."

You will see more and more of these assistive technologies as retailers react to Amazon with one of the only tools they have available to them, enriching and streamlining the sales experience.


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