Have you tried our Product Configurator and still need a function or feature you don’t see in our current product range? Let us know. Lilitab creates completely customized tablet and touch screen tablet kiosk solutions to meet virtually any business need. From custom branding and graphics to tablet  mounting and display hardware to app and IOS design to security and management solutions, we're here for you.  To take advantage of our customization services below, send a detailed email to


Need something other than black or white? We can custom finish your kiosk in almost any woodgrain pattern, color or finish. Drop us a line for a custom quote.

Custom Kiosk Finishes


We tried to cover as many bases as possible with the new Lilitab 3.0 tablet kiosk system. This makes it the most flexible and adaptable system on the market today. However,we know our customers are always dreaming up new stuff that we have never thought of. We are happy to help realize those ideas. We have built custom integration solutions for many of our customers, including the UV disinfecting kiosk, RFID accessory mount and merchandizing kiosks on this page. If you have a requirement for a feature or functionality, drop us a line. We're happy to help!


Looking for a tablet kiosk display for a special event -perhaps a tradeshow or a sales meeting? We can work with you to design a custom display to showcase your tablets in style. Lilitab founder, Adam Aronson, is a product designer who has been designing kiosks for over 25 years. He has worked with all kinds of transactional and informational projects and can give you a unique insight about both form and function.


Need custom electronics to interface with your iPad® kiosk? Lilitab is an Apple "Made for iOS" manufacturer. Our in-house engineering team designed our tightly integrated Liliswipe credit card reader, our custom MFI lightning cables and our patented MagDOCK and Smartdock interfaces. If you need a custom electronics package to interface with an iPad, drop us a line. We're happy to chat!

Custom Kiosk Electronics


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