Lilitab Kiosk Management System

Lilitab KMS provides everything you need to deploy a full-service, enterprise-grade kiosk network without the need for custom iOS app development, saving you time and money.

save time and money

Deploy fast with no custom iOS development

Lilitab KMS dramatically reduces your software development scope by facilitating the display of any web asset using a managed browser thus eliminating costly and time-consuming iOS development.  Because they can be built and deployed as websites, new interactive concepts can be prototyped and piloted within days or weeks, not months. Even after initial deployment, new features, updates, and promotions can be deployed to your interactive kiosks remotely, without needing to update a custom app on each device.
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save time and money

Support the accessories you need

Whether it’s accepting a card payment, reading a barcode, capturing an image, printing a receipt, or going mobile with Lilitab’s SmartDOCK electronic mount, Lilitab KMS supports the kiosk functions you need to deliver a full-featured kiosk interactive. KMS supports the ancillary kiosk hardware out-of-the-box, so your team doesn’t need to build a custom integration.
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save time and money

Centralized monitoring & administration

Lilitab KMS is specifically built to deliver enterprise-class kiosk network performance, giving your network administrators a full-featured dashboard displaying status and performance metrics for each kiosk in your network. This allows trouble to be detected and addressed before it happens, and it facilitates centralized call-in network support, increasing uptime and dramatically reducing network maintenance costs.
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 Built-in Features:

  • Audit Trail (when used with Smart series kiosks)
  • Barcode Scanning via front and rear cameras
  • Image Capture via front and rear cameras
  • Geofencing and Geolocation (via wifi & GPS)
  • Peripheral Tracking (associate peripherals with tablets)
  • Web Dashboard
  • Remote URL Setting
  • JAMF MDM Integration
Supported Payment Modules:
  • Magtek eDynamo
  • Liliswipe encrypting magstripe reader
Supported Printers:
  • Star Micronics Thermal Printers
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Let us build a one week prototype and show your team how KMS can fast-track your interactive kiosk project.

Let us build a one week prototype and show your team how KMS can fast-track your interactive kiosk project.