Smart event organizers utilize Lilitab-enabled tablets and kiosks to boost efficiency and greatly enhance the event experience. With Lilitab’s versatile multi-function tablet kiosk system, organizers can accelerate check-in, gather a wealth of valuable data about attendees, share product information, effectively capture leads, and engage attendees with the event’s brand.

Make long lines a thing of the past.
No one likes to wait in line—especially attendees who are eager for a new experience. Likewise, entrance and session queues provide operational challenges for event organizers who have to worry about staffing checkpoints, managing attendee flow, and tracking attendance data. 

Lilitab can help with self-service check-in and session entry, empowering attendees to avoid lines and better enjoy the event experience. Lilitab’s innovative touchscreen kiosks provide an easy-to-use way for attendees to enter and manage their information, print badges or wristbands, view event information, maps, and schedules, and interact with the event’s brand on social media and beyond. 

Increase your event IQ.
The Creative Animal Foundation is a not-for-profit conservation and environmental organization that recently staged a 50-city United States tour with a mission to challenge one million people online and in person to live a more sustainable lifestyle. But in order to fulfill this mission, they had to get inside the heads of their attendees. Traditional questionnaires had low response rates and the manual data collection and analysis was time-consuming and error-prone. Based on a recommendation from National Geographic, the Creative Animal Foundation turned to Lilitab—specifically the Lilitab Wall Pro with an easy-to-use, yet powerful mobile survey app by QuestionPro. Armed with this solution, the Creative Animal Foundation was able to find out what’s important to their attendees and supporters at every stop of the tour—even without wi-fi.

An engaging experience.
Lilitab’s sleek, high-quality Event Kiosks do more than just collect data and facilitate easy check-ins. They provide an engaging second-screen experience by giving attendees the opportunity to interact with your brand and event. This helps create a powerful relationship, builds attendee loyalty, and helps your event remain top-of-mind.

Trusted at more events and used by more attendees than any other tablet kiosk company.
At Lilitab, we’re proud to be the tablet kiosk solution of choice to the top events in the world. And we continue to innovate in order to make your events remarkable.

Improve customer experience

Reduce long wait times

Increase revenue and reduce costs

Increased sales for faster ROI

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