The patented MagDOCK is available on all our Pro products and it sets the Lilitab tablet kiosk system apart from all other tablet kiosks.

The MagDOCK is in the top of the mount where the Lilitab Head Unit is attached. With the turn of a key the Head Unit easily detaches for assisted selling, maintenance or access to the tablet. Dock the Head Unit in portrait or landscape orientation and pass-through power automatically begins to charge the tablet and any connected accessories, no cables to connect!

In public environments, stuff happens. Who wants to call and wait for a technician when it does? If your tablet stops working, just turn the key to swap in a new Lilitab Head Unit. Problem solved—no waiting, no technician necessary. When your tablet kiosk deployment is mission critical the Lilitab MagDOCK will help you achieve that coveted 24/7/365 uptime.

You can find the entire Pro product line here.


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October, 08, 2020

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September, 24, 2020