Industry-leading restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and other food service vendors use Lilitab-enabled tablets and kiosks to create a greatly-enhanced in-store experience, build brand engagement, and increase ROI—as well as provide the technology wait staff and management need to work more efficiently.

With Lilitab’s easy-to-implement, multi-function tablet kiosks, customers can review menus, make and modify selections, and pay for orders. And that’s just the beginning.

Banish lines and customer complaints.
A line of just five people will drive 57% of customers out the door and over to a competitor, according to research. When a line reaches 10 people, 91% of patrons depart.

An award-winning, nationally-recognized sandwich chain took this knowledge to heart when—during a period of tremendous growth—they turned to Lilitab to help solve their growing line problem.

“They were looking for a solution that didn't exist,” said Lilitab founder Adam Aronson. “But they knew they needed to act. At the time, customers were standing in line for up to eight minutes to place an order. And many customers were walking away. We worked with management over the course of nine months to customize an existing solution for their specific needs.”

Fast forward six years: this highly successful chain consisting of more than 2,000 bakery-cafes now has self-order tablet kiosks in more than half its stores, and sales are up 11.5% on a two-year basis—far higher than the overall fast-casual sector. Best of all, eight-minute customer wait times have been reduced to a minute or less.

Grocery shopping gets easier—and faster.
When a beloved nationwide grocery chain known for healthy and organic fare decided to launch a new “Grab-and-Go” business aimed at millennials, management knew they needed to embrace kiosk technology in a big way. The newly-installed kiosks provide everything from information about beer and wine to digital scales for weighing food items. As management hoped, the deployment of technology—instead of additional employees—has permitted grocery costs to remain low while simultaneously satisfying millennial’s desire for speed and efficiency.

And what about non-millennials? Does tablet technology deter older adults? On the contrary, research and experience shows that older adults readily integrate such tech into their daily lives. This makes sense when you consider the ubiquity of smartphones and tablet devices in people’s homes and businesses. If the design and functionality is right (something you can be certain of with Lilitab-enabled tablets) customers will gladly use tablet and kiosk technology.

60% of restaurant customers visit more often when kiosks are offered, according to research. Are you prepared?
Tablet kiosks are rapidly evolving from novelty items to must-have in-store assets. Quick service and fast casual restaurants such as McDonald’s, Johnny Rockets, Long John Silvers and Wendys have all embraced kiosk technology.

Lilitab-enabled self-serve kiosks and digital menu tablets offer proven, field-tested solutions for restaurants, grocery stores and other food service vendors of all sizes—from stand-alone mom and pop establishments to rapidly expanding national chains.

Improve customer experience

Reduce long wait times

Increase revenue and reduce costs

Increased sales for faster ROI

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