20 Sep , 2016

Oxygen Butler chooses lilitab's custom kiosks to reach its core customer base.

As a provider of oxygen therapy products, Oxygen Bulter's core customers are typically 55 years old or older and like to visit pharmacies on a regular basis. Therefore, they needed a way to communicate its message within those stores in a way that would cater to their customer demographic.

"We know that pharmacy workers are very busy, and the best way to market in those environments is to be unobtrusive and out of the way, but easily accessible," said David Arnett, product marketing manager with Oxygen Butler. "We wanted a silent salesperson; something to engage customers to learn more about our products." A self-service kiosk seemed perfect and lilitab was their first choice.

After working with lilitab on their custom units, Oxygen Butler placed over 40 kiosks in pharmacies ranging from Massachusetts to Florida to Puerto Rico. The kiosks are already generating several leads a week, many of which have resulted in sales and the company is now seeking to place kiosks in other locations due to their success.

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