SmartDOCK enables secure, seamless tablet sharing—providing enterprise-grade security without the need for a physical key.

With Lilitab SmartDOCK, staff can unlock the tablet with the touch of an on-screen button. Once unlocked, the head unit can be undocked and used in handheld fashion. When finished, simply replace the tablet onto the dock, where it automatically locks in place and begins charging.

Pick your platform.

Lilitab Unlock provides a on-screen push-button interface to unlock the SmartDOCK. Lilitab Unlock delivers content via a secure browser with a configurable home page, approved domain list, and activity timeout.

Lilitab KMS is a cloud-based, enterprise-class kiosk management platform providing managers, local and corporate, kiosk deployment visibility at all stages. It can manage device-use by multiple authorized users, providing a chain of custody, metrics gathering, geofence, comprehensive reports, plus a complete suite of remote monitoring and administration tools.

SmartDOCK SDK facilitates the incorporation of poweredlock/unlock functionality into your native iOS app—turning yourcustom kiosk application into a mobile solution.

Any mount, anywhere.

Lilitab SmartDOCK is available with any of our mount configurations including floor, counter, surface or wall mounted. This means that no matter your space, your tablets can move from self-service to sales floor to stock room—and never miss a beat.

On-screen unlock.

No fobs to distribute or lose. Manage access and monitor activity from anywhere on the planet.