08 Feb , 2024

Assisted selling using tablets has become the norm in retail, especially for stores that can't house all their inventory, such as furniture stores. The use of a tablet can provide the customer with fabric options, wood choices, sizing, and much more. The Lilitab Handheld Tablet Kiosk System enables staff to take tablets on the go while maintaining access control. Whether they undock from a mount via key or on-screen access, an edge-charge cable, or from the Lilitab MultiDOCK, the tablets will be fully charged and safe from drops. Lightweight, compact, and durable, with a lay-flat handle, the Lilitab H and P Head Units are designed from the ground up for comfortable, all-day, handheld use. It can also be fitted with our Kickstand!


Learn more about Lilitab in the retail industry here.

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