Top healthcare organizations use Lilitab-enabled tablets coupled with leading edge software such as Epic (the most highly rated electronic health record system available) in a variety of creative ways: as multi-faceted tools for nursing staff; for patient check-in, feedback, and bedside entertainment, as translation devices, signage, and more.

At one globally-recognized Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Care hospital in California, pediatric patients use the tablets to watch movies, read and play games, order meals, and call for assistance; while nurses use the devices to monitor and track patient care.

Thanks to unique and thoughtful design, Lilitab-enabled tablets are always charged, readily available, and trackable, with no cables to fuss with and no paper sign-out logs to update. As you can see, Lilitab really is an ideal prescription for a host of healthcare industry needs.

Cloud-based, enterprise-class Lilitab KMS cures deployment headaches.
Lilitab’s cutting-edge tablet solutions, coupled with the company’s proprietary, integrated kiosk management system (KMS) make it easy to provide a robust suite of technology for every room in a hospital, enabling secure tablet sharing for families, patients, hospital staff and physicians. Scans, images, treatment schedules and more can be viewed securely, and (via integration with JAMF), tablets can be digitally sterilized—quickly and remotely—between uses or when patients or staff move from one room to another.

Organization checkups—in an instant.
Lilitab KMS’s built-in, enterprise-grade dashboard makes it easy for hospital management to gain instant insight into a variety of operational issues. With robust, real-time reporting using client-defined metrics, administrators can monitor such things as unique users, patient status, and more. The dashboard also provides remote monitoring and management of every aspect of kiosk health—including network connection, charge status, dock/undock status, current user and wall power.

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