Hospitality industry leaders use Lilitab-enabled tablets and kiosks to enhance guest experiences, build brand loyalty, improve staff efficiency and boost the bottom line in a myriad of creative ways.

As hotels, cruise lines and other businesses in the hospitality space are discovering, kiosk applications extend far beyond the check-in desk. Using Lilitab’s easy-to-implement and versatile multi-function tablet kiosk systems, such businesses are deploying tablets for wayfinding, to speed registration, grant access to gyms, spas, restaurants and other venues, and facilitate the ordering of amenities, in-house services, and special packages.

Deliver the digitally-enabled experiences hospitality customers seek.
It’s no secret that Millennial and Gen Y customers, especially, value speed and efficiency when it comes to situations such as checking into a hotel, ordering products, booking entertainment and tour packages, and accessing information. When you consider that by 2025 millennials will comprise 50% of all travelers, it’s clear that businesses embracing kiosk and tablet use will continue to gain a competitive edge.

With sleek, easy-to-use interfaces and thoughtful software solutions, Lilitab-enabled tablets provide an engaging, straightforward experience—whether guests are entirely self-directed or assisted by concierge staff or other hotel personnel.

Increase revenue, seamlessly.
Leading-edge hotels using Lilitab-enabled tablets to improve the customer experience may create a variety of up-sell opportunities at the same time. During check-in, for example, such a device can suggest amenities, in-house services (such as a massage or personal training session), describe shows and tours, and offer immediate booking for all of the above. One global cruise line customer uses Lilitab tablets linked to RFID bracelets to make it easy for customers to purchase goods and services onboard ship without cash or credit card. The bracelets even serve as keys—permitting access to customer staterooms and other venues, such as a robotic bar.

Use resources more efficiently.
Lilitab-powered tablets don’t just benefit your customers. Such tablets can also greatly increase the productivity and effectiveness of associates, managers and other hotel staff by providing digital tools for hiring, training, tracking time and attendance, assisting with sales, inventory management, stocking efficiency, and much more. Using Lilitab’s SmartDOCK Intelligent Mounts affixed to cleaning carts, for example, housekeeping staff can track room maintenance and order supplies. And tablets can be seamlessly shared between staff.

Improve customer experience

Reduce long wait times

Increase revenue and reduce costs

Increased sales for faster ROI

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