01 Aug , 2013

Our patented MagKey feature is a clever way to securely sleep your lilitab, when using it with an iPad.  Insert the key to sleep the iPad, remove it to wake--returning your kiosk to the exact state it was in.  This allows you to quickly turn your kiosk "on" and "off" without accessing or removing your iPad from the kiosk.  First shift employees no longer need to fumble with user IDs and passwords to launch customer-facing apps to start the day.  The iPad does not need to be removed nightly, eliminating concerns over loss of devices.  The MagKey also conserves electricity by switching the iPad to the low power sleep mode, offering a green solution for companies looking to reduce energy costs.  Available in our new Lilitab Pro and Lilitab Basic full line of tablet kiosk solutions in August.

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