15 May , 2024

Checking in and out of a hotel has long been one of travelers' greatest friction points. Nearly 92% of hoteliers surveyed said guests have increased acceptance of technology and expect contactless options, including self-serve kiosks.

In addition to contactless check-in/out, hotels also expanded into mobile keys, digital payments, in-room technology, chatbots, guest surveys and unattended convenience stores.

Another area where self-serve kiosks are expanding rapidly in hotels is in onsite convenience markets. The "grab-and-go" saves the guest from having to take their purchase to the front desk to pay.

"A hotel is its own organizational ecosystem," Houchin at Elatec said. "Self-service conveniences can and should be able to extend to parking lot access, use of the hotel EV chargers, purchases in the restaurant or bodega or vending machines, document printing in the business office, bike-sharing and more."

(Source: https://bit.ly/39qvM6H)

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