25 Jul , 2013

Our new MagDOCK locks for tablets solve the power and maintenance problems of deploying public-facing tablet kiosks. 

·  MagDOCK. The patented MagDOCK feature is in the top of the pole where the lilitab head is mounted. With a turn of a key, the head unit easily detaches for assisted selling, maintenance or access to the tablet. The pass through power automatically begins to charge the tablet when docked. This high quality lock offers 100 different key codes. Units can be keyed alike or randomly assigned.

·  Tablet friendly. The Lilitab Pro line of tablet kiosk solutions support most 10" tablets on the market, including Apple iPad, the Microsoft Surface RT, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 10 and more. Depending on which tablet you have, your kiosk will require a different faceplate and internal cabling.

·  Experience zero downtime. In public environments, stuff happens. Who wants to call and wait for a technician when it does? If your tablet stops working, just turn the key to swap in a new head unit. Problem solved—no waiting, no technician necessary.

Available in August.

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