06 Jun , 2013

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Tablet kiosks are popping up around the world as restaurants explore innovative new ways to provide superior customer service. Secure tablet kiosks are used in restaurants as digital menus, loyalty card stations, table-side and catering orders, social media engagement and self-service payment terminals.

Self-service tablet kiosks help restaurants entertain and engage customers using tablets in fun and innovative ways, providing new outlets to ensure total dining satisfaction. Here are the Top Five tablet kiosk trends in restaurants.

Digital Signage

Tablet kiosks are now available in a range of mount options including freestanding, counter and wall mounts. These options combined with their small form-factor offer flexibility in deployment, allowing a restaurant to place them where they make the most sense. High-traffic locations are an excellent place to capture a customer's attention as they walk past or queue up for service. High-definition video and still graphics catch the eye and make mouthwatering menu items pop while helping customers make menu selections while waiting. With detailed nutritional information just a touch away, keeping all this information updated and instantly accessible for customers with special dietary requirements is a snap.

Loyalty Programs

Pairing a triple-track mag-stripe reader with your tablet kiosk will enable you to service your loyalty program directly from the kiosk. A national fast-casual chain is using loyalty cards integrated with our Lilitab kiosk system to seamlessly reward customers for their repeat business. With freestanding tablet kiosks and easy touchscreen interactions, sign-up and check-in is a breeze. Reward repeat customers with special discounts designed just for them. Convenient self-service access encourages customers to check reward balances, providing opportunities for immediate account updates.

Table-side Orders and Catering Orders

Declutter tables by replacing dessert and wine menus with elegant and compact tablet kiosks. Encourage leisurely wine list perusal with interactive touchscreen menus. Convenient access to catering menus can be available anytime regardless of the staffing shifts; we have deployed kiosks to a national grocery chain for managing custom bakery orders. By integrating sample menus and request forms the kiosks capture all the necessary information to help customers create a memorable and delicious event.

Elegant Photo Booth

Accept customers' social media addiction and engage them in a fun way: elegant tablet kiosk photo booths, like a2z's Pixe, create an impromptu party out of any occasion. Photos are instantly shared with customer's friends around the world, combining the excitement of a photo booth and the power of social media. It's a winning strategy for the restaurant's social media presence too: every photo provides fresh new content to their Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Restaurants capture contact information from these customers too- yet another benefit of these fun tablet kiosk photo booths.

Self-Service Kiosks

DIY isn't just for home improvement. Customers prefer to do it themselves, and tablet kiosks put them in control for the best touch screen interaction. Speed ordering, reduce mistakes and lower labor costs by offering self-service tablet kiosks at peak times. Most restaurant apps support self-service ordering; some offer bill payment by manual entry of credit card data.

Tablet options are numerous, but so are the cool new ways to use tablet kiosks in restaurants as interactive touch screen self-service stations. Considering the compellingly low cost to deploy it's worth looking at the customer service benefits tablet kiosks can provide.

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