03 Apr , 2014

By default our Counter and Surface iPad kiosks ship with a foot cover that hides the screws and allows you to bolt your kiosk down without cutting an opening in the surface. This allows you to chase the cables over the top (or through if you drill an opening) of your counter-top.
See reference image below.
ipad kiosk surface mount

ipad kiosk through hole mount no exposed cables

For a cleaner and more minimal look you can through hole mount all of our Counter and Surface kiosks.

The Counter unit will even retain it's ability to rotate left and right when mounted in this way.

If you will be through hole mounting your lilitab kiosk you will need to request the trim ring on checkout in the notes area as it is not included by default.

To through-hole mount your lilitab you will need to:

  • Cut a @1.5" opening in your counter using a hole saw or similar.
  • Remove the vertical mount tube from the rest of the mount assembly at the elbow.
  • Pass the tube through the counter from below and screw up into the counter.
  • Drop the trim ring over the tube and reattach the elbow and rest of the mount assembly.


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