06 Dec , 2013

We're proud to announce that all lilitab products now offer an iPad Air option. You will find the iPad Air option in all our mounts in the catalog and online configurator. The only wrinkle is that apple changed the position of their magnetic sensors and so the MagKey will not work, for now. We should have that resolved in the near future ;-)

right-angle lightning cable

This coincides with our new custom angled lightning cables, the only right-angled lightning cables available anywhere in the world! They are offical apple MFI approved cables, not some cheap chinese knock-off. This is only possible because of our apple MFImanufacturer status, you won't find these at any other kiosk manufacturer.

Because the lightning connector is reversible this means that the cables can be installed as either left-angle lightning cables or right-angle lightning cables. That's one cool feature of the reversible lightning connector that apple may not have foreseen but we are happy to take advantage of. Why the angled connector? It helps to resist the connector pulling out from the iPad and fits better into our gen2 head unit.

While these cables are currently only fit our head-unit (they use our specialized internal connector on the other end, not a typical usb connector) we will be releasing these cables as standard lightning charge cables with a male type A USB connector on the other end next week which should be great for modders and makers who are building iPad Air's into their car dash or other hobby project. 

Stay tuned!

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