23 Nov , 2013

This week we released two products that allow you to mount your lilitab tablet kiosk in new ways, the Lilitab Tether and the VESA Mount Adapter.

The lilitab Tether is our gen2.0 head unit with a lock plate in place of the mount connection. This plate permits you to secure your lilitab with a laptop style cable lock while simultaneously supporting the egress of your tablet's charge cable. This allows your guests or sales associates to pick up and manipulate the tablet without being constrained by a mount. It's great for apps the need you to shake the tablet to trigger an action or if you want to use the rear facing camera on the tablet to take a picture. You can find it here.

The lilitab VESA Mount Adapter allows you to mount a lilitab Basic head unit onto almost any VESA compliant mount or monitor arm, great if you need to have a solution with a mulit-part articulating arm. You can find it here.

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