27 Jul , 2021

The landscape of church giving has changed drastically over the last two decades and isn’t slowing down. Despite the rise of e-commerce and charitable donations, church after church struggle to engage their people in giving. SecureGive provides software and strategies to churches on how to raise money through digital donations. Traditionally churches would pass a basket through the pews for attendees to donate cash or checks. But today, more and more people are replacing cash or checks with credit or debit cards. Enter self-service Lilitab kiosks. They can be positioned in a common area to serve as a visual reminder to give. The attendee is greeted with an easy-to-use interface that instructs them on how to donate using the attached card reader–no help needed. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

When it came to choosing a kiosk system, SecureGive turned to Lilitab for several reasons, including reliability, easy set-up, cost, and design. Since installing the kiosks, churches have seen an increase in donations, specifically in first-time givers, serving as a safe and easy entry point for newcomers.

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