12 Dec , 2019

Considerable developments in technology have drastically changed how consumers shop. Many have turned to online shopping for ease and convenience, with the ubiquity of the smartphone greatly accelerating the switch. Shopping online is fast, efficient, and eliminates the need to go into a store physically.

This is fundamentally changing the expectations and shopping behaviors of consumers. Today when a shopper steps into a store they anticipate a higher-level experience than online shopping, so much this is now the core differentiator between the two. In-store technology can assist in creating this differentiated experience.

Beneficial Uses for Tablets In-Store

Incorporating tablets into retail shopping is an excellent method for attracting consumers. It offers significant advantages that can genuinely enhance how they shop. A tablet kiosk in-store can provide a digital experience that is parallel, if not better, to shopping online. Having this device available can enable consumers to select a suitable product quickly, combined with the ability to touch and feel the product itself.

Assisted Selling for Sales Experts

Retail associates are still meaningful to brick and mortar stores, they add a human touch to the experience that online shopping cannot replicate. Knowledgeable staff is key to adding value to the in-store experience, however hiring and retaining such staff is getting more and more difficult. In addition the high turnover rates for retail staff makes it challenging to keep training up to date.

This where in-hand tablets can help, by serving as an aid to keep staff knowledgeable and in sync with the products and services being offered. It removes the need for associates to venture away from the client to find a solution to their question. Instead, it keeps them present while continuing the interaction. Through this, they remain connected with the client and can find what they need right at their fingertips.

Self-Serve Information Displays & Product Finder


Customers often need help finding very specific products; such as a particular ink toner for their printer, or windshield wiper for their car. By offering a product-finder tablet-kiosk in store, the retailer can provide their customers the ability to find what they are looking for without the assistance of a sales associate, who may be hard to find quickly.

Offer an Endless Aisle 

One of the advantages of shopping online is that consumers are not restricted to products in stock at a single location, including hard to find items that the retailer does not sell enough of to justify carrying.

Offering a tablet kiosk with a product catalog creates a virtual extension of your store. It essentially creates an endless aisle that enables clients to find unique items seamlessly. With the implementation of a tablet kiosk, you can give customers access to odd shoe sizes or niche products that are not a part of your regular stock.

Bypass Checkout Lines

The benefit of a self-serve check-out option on a tablet kiosk enables customers to check out without standing in lines, improving the shopping experience. It removes the need for the retailer to constantly adjust cashier count to accommodate busy and slow periods that may fluctuate widely within a single 24 hour period.

Lilitab is committed to providing brands with a revolutionary approach to assist in elevating the retail experience. For further information on our innovative tablet solutions, contact us today.

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