16 Mar , 2020

With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly within the U.S. and around the world, the Lilitab team came together to brainstorm how we can support our customers in this difficult time.

Prevention being the best cure, we decided to rush a general-purpose Sani-Cloth and hand-sanitizer mount into production to be used with our kiosks. The Sani-Holder mount can be attached to any of our Floor kiosks with no tools required (anyone can do it in less than five minutes). Alternatively, it can be mounted to the wall with two screws. It will accept any size or type of sanitizer product, including wipe dispensers and sanitizer pumps.

Get yours today

We are 3D printing these mounts 24/7 to meet your immediate needs, and it’s free of charge to existing customers. To receive your Sani-Holder mount, send an email to fulfillment@lilitab.com with your shipping address, order number, and quantity needed. Shipping is on us via USPS. If you require faster delivery, please include your UPS account number and desired shipping speed.

How to clean your Lilitab

Lilitab designs its products to withstand the regular cleanings needed to meet the healthcare industry’s strict infection control requirements. We suggest using hospital-grade cleaning wipes such as Sani-Cloth (purple top); however, other cleaning/disinfecting wipes are acceptable as long as they do not contain more than a 10% bleach solution. Most cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers rely on alcohol, which is safe for use on our kiosks and all tablets. Follow the instructions on your sanitizer product for the best effectiveness.

Assembly Instructions

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