07 Nov , 2013

Today we test fitted the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" 3.0 and the Galaxy Note 10'1" 3.0 (man those are some long product names...) and while they fit there are some issues that need to be addressed.

Overall dimensions of the tablets are a bit different, they remain very similar in thickness and width but have lost a bit of length. So we can still grab the tablet using the locating tabs on the long edges of our faceplates but the little green keepers will no longer work. Not a biggy but good to know for the lilitab power users out there ;-)

The screen dimensions and aspect ratios remain the same as previous versions so our existing faceplates will work. However for whatever reason they did decide to move the front facing camera to the left of the midline whereas before it was to the right of the midline. Given Samsung's penchant for moving this camera around between product iterations we are probably going to hold fire on tooling a new faceplate and instead just use our blank Samsung faceplate with a custom drilled camera opening placed appropriately for the new Tab 3.0

Samsung in all it's wisdom also decided to switch their charge cable from their proprietary 30 pin cable to a micro usb cable. Good for Samsung to adopt a standard format. Although not as nice a connector as the proprietary apple lightning connector the micro usb is a fine alternative, definitely better than the Samsung 30pin one it replaces.

This of course means a different, custom right angle micro usb connector for our Pro and Basic lines when used with a Samsung tablet (the standard charge and sync micro usb cable that comes with the new Samsung tablets is unfortunately a bit of a beast size-wise and too large to fit into the lilitab enclosure).

We're working on sourcing these cables and should have them available in couple weeks at which point we will update the web-site with the new Samsung tablets as an option.

In the meantime if you have any questions hit us up here on the blog or at info@lilitab.com

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