24 Aug , 2015

At the Indianapolis Museum of Art, lilitabs are used throughout the space to help expand and engage their visitor’s experience. As exhibitions come and go, the lilitab kiosks remain—offering both entertainment and educational content. Recently, the museum has designed several apps that are proving to be popular across multiple age groups.

For their Face to Face exhibition, the museum designed Pointillize Yourself, an app which allows visitors to take a “selfie” and turn it into Neo-Impressionist portraits. Once complete, the portrait can be emailed and is projected on a wall nearby. The kiosks were counter-mounted and user-friendly for all ages, plus their sleek design charmed the curator. Because of its huge success, Pointillize Yourself is now on permanent display in the Family Space using wall mounted Lilitabs.

Aside from apps, the museum uses lilitab kiosks for interactive content, in and out of exhibitions. Inside an exhibition, it serves as an educational tool so visitors can learn more in depth about the artist and their work, including videos and text. After leaving an exhibition, they’re using the kiosks to survey the visitor, asking for their evaluation and feedback.

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