24 Feb , 2014
Lilitab urges all of our clients to upgrade their iPads to the latest version of iOS. For iOS 7 devices this is version 7.0.6 and for iOS 6, this is version 6.1.6.
On February 21 Apple released the update; you can read about the security content of 7.0.6 here. Of course, Apple does not publicly disclose details on the internals of its products, but from the tone of this support document, this issue is to be taken seriously and again, we urge all of our clients to address this as soon as possible.

(To make this happen, go to Settings, General, Software Update)
Basically, the problem centers around the validation on the trust of a particular destination (e.g. web site) to which your device may connect. It affects anything that uses SecureTransport, and yes, this bug is also in Mac OS X as well. It appears to have been introduced in Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.9.1 appears to be affected. For Mac OS X, the use of Chrome or Firefox may mitigate this bug, but it does appear to be present in Safari.
For those wanting details, you can read more at https://www.imperialviolet.org/2014/02/22/applebug.html.

As a battery saving note, we have also noticed that after the update all of our devices had Bluetooth turned on.  Be sure to go to Settings to turn off this battery drain if you don't need it.

Let us know if you need any help with this.  Let's keep our Apple devices safe and useful!

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