09 Mar , 2021

A construction manager’s job site has many moving parts, including subcontractors, city building inspectors, material deliveries, and more. If a building problem or question arises in the field, the days of pulling paper blueprints or work orders are scarce. Today everything is digital. So how does one access a mobile digital device securely and safely in this complex environment?

CSM Group turned to Lilitab. After comparing different tablet kiosk companies, they ultimately chose the Lilitab Floor Pro Line for its MagDOCK feature. The patented MagDOCK allows site personnel to undock the Head Unit with a key turn and carry it to the site where digital files and blueprints can be accessed. And since the Head Unit is tough and secure, they don’t have to worry about an accidental drop or theft. The Head Unit can be returned and docked when no longer needed, locked in securely, where it begins charging–no extra cables required. When the day is complete, CSM Group’s project managers feel confident leaving the tablet kiosk on-site, and when they return the next day, it’s fully charged and ready to go. This ease of use, security features, and mobility has helped optimize productivity and improve workflow, which is essential when industry costs continue to rise each year.

Learn more about CSM Group: csmgroup.com

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