09 Mar , 2023

Our Lilitab kiosk installations at Sephora help customers identify their unique skin tone to find the perfect foundation match. “It’s a combination of human and technical interaction because, yes, we get the colors absolutely, scientifically precise, but there’s a conversation about what kind of foundation finish she wants or what kind of format she wants. Does she want a powder or a liquid?” Deborah Yeh, senior vice president of marketing and brand at Sephora, told Retail Dive in November, stressing the importance of thinking about technology and store associates “in balance.”

That balance between knowledgeable store associates and digitally-enabled experiences is part of what makes Sephora’s store concepts so compelling, especially for younger shoppers who are increasingly seeking out more experience-driven retailers. A study by the Fashion Institute of Technology found that millennials were more likely to purchase from retailers who focused on experience and community, and other studies have shown that Gen Z is following suit.


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