17 May , 2013

Top Five Restaurant Uses For Tablets

We are madly in love with the whole range of tablets on the market right now.  There’s not only an app for that, but also a tablet to solve most problems in the restaurant industry.  Our roots are in iPads, but we kind of like a lot of the Android tablets and the Microsoft Surface too.

We’ve been designing elegant and secure tablet enclosures for many industries since 2010.  Here are our Top Five Restaurant Uses for Tablets.

Digital Signage

Affordable tablets kiosks can be placed in high traffic locations to capture customer attention.  High definition video graphics and stills catch the eyes and present mouthwatering menu items beautifully.  Entertain and educate patient customers during rush periods with trivia quizzes and culinary facts.

Loyalty Programs

With freestanding tablet kiosks and easy touch screen interactions, sign-up and check-in is a breeze.  Reward repeat customers with special discounts designed just for them.  Our Lilitab with Secure Card Reader can be customized to read data on loyalty cards; customers can check their rewards balance in store. 

Nutritional Info and Digital Menus

Keep your customers informed with easy digital menus on tablet kiosks.  Full nutritional information is a touch away, keeping crucial allergen data accessible at all times.  Updates are quickly implemented without additional printing costs, and the information is always available to both staff and customers. 

Catering Orders

Convenient access to catering menus can be available anytime regardless of the staffing shifts.  Sample menus and request forms capture all the necessary information to help customers create a memorable and delicious event. 

Self-Service Kiosks

DIY isn’t just for home improvement.  Speed ordering, reduce mistakes and lower labor costs by offering self-service tablet kiosks at peak times.  Most restaurant apps support self-service ordering; some offer bill payment by manual entry of credit card data.  The entire line of Lilitabs with Secure Card Reader offer tightly integrated transactions at the lower “card present” rate for restaurants.  Lilitabs come in modular mounting options for counter, wall, tabletop or freestanding installations.  They swivel, tilt and rotate for optimum viewing interactions for staff and customers alike.

Tablet options are numerous, but so are the cool new ways to use tablets in restaurants.  These were just a few of our favorites.  Let us know if you have a few great solutions of your own.

And let us know if you’d like more info about any part of the full Lilitab product line.  We’d be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your restaurant.  Bon appétit!


Jennifer Maskrey, VP of Business Development

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