13 Apr , 2013

The Top 5 Ways to Convert “Showroomers” to Customers

Retailers need to find new ways to surprise and delight “showrooming” store visitors. Engage and entertain them with affordable tablet kiosks: save them time, and provide rewards of unique in-store specials, activities and loyalty benefits.

Self-Service Rules

Empower customers to discover and purchase at their own pace.  Train sales staff to assist when needed, or just allow customers to browse entire product lines at well- placed self-service tablet kiosks throughout the store. Encourage in-store online ordering; tablet kiosks provide additional self-service stations and can be deployed for temporary counter top use during peak customer traffic. 

Line Busters Save Time

Banish abandoned purchases due to overwhelmed sales staff at registers. Expand sales floor opportunities and provide superior customer service with mobile hand held units.  Ensure the highest level of card processing security by choosing tablet kiosks with fully integrated card reading technology.

To Everything There is a Season

Keep up with trends in promotions by utilizing quick-change branding options like banners and printed faceplates. Capture attention with smart branding options and make promotional messages pop with eye-catching backdrops to promote special events or seasonal activities.

Reward Their Loyalty

Treat your customers like royalty and give them a reason to visit in person. Stand out from the rest and make it easy to provide feedback.  Customer survey apps are a fast and fun way to make their opinions be heard. Configure the apps to ask a number of survey questions; guests are instantly emailed product information and find the survey forms visually appealing, easy to complete and fun. 

Embrace the Addiction

Rather than ignoring the constant distraction of tweets and texts, engage your customers and get involved in their social media streams. Accept customers’ social media addiction and engage in a fun way: tablet kiosk photo booths create an impromptu party in every store.  Photos are instantly shared with customer’s friends around the world, combining the excitement of a photo booth and the power of social media.  Tablet kiosks are easily set up and updated with custom banners for each new promotion or event.

Affordable and portable tablet kiosks are an easy way to engage showrooming store visitors, and with these fun ideas, touch screen interactions are the key to converting them into lifelong customers.

Jennifer Maskrey, VP of Business Development

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