26 Jun , 2015

 Access Event Solutions Deployed Festival Management Technology with the Help of Lilitab Kiosks

HARD Summer, a major U.S. music festival, put on by Live Nation and HARD, showcases over 60 musicians and sees over 40,000 attendees each day and nearly 15,000 workers, VIPs, artists, and guests. In years past, HARD Summer had used a combination of laminated backstage passes and cloth wristbands to control access and thwart counterfeiting. Last year they switched to Access Event Solutions' "Mission Control: Festival Module", which incorporated NFC-enabled festival credentials and electronic reader devices.

Over 150 tech-devices were deployed, including stand-alone Lilitab tablet kiosks. They were placed both at entrances and exits of secured-access areas. Because power sources were scarce, the lilitab's extended battery life ensured they would function throughout the 12 hour day. The kiosks were at an accessible height for guests to scan their wristbands and the large faceplates allowed for event branding including graphical instructions showing attendees where to "tap" to gain access.

The operations team reported a 30% increase in efficiency of operations using this tech. Additionally, because of the flexibility of Access' Mission Control software, the operations team had the ability to control and adapt to changing event situations on the fly from the joint mobile command center located on-site. Staff even turned off one attendee's credential due to security concerns and a message communicating the security concern was prompted when that credential was tapped at a kiosk. Together, the tech-enabled credentials, the lilitab kiosks and the Access software allowed the team at HARD and Live Nation to facilitate tiered levels of access control, hour-by-hour side-stage access for guests, meal voucher redemption in catering, and the ability to monitor operations in real time.


Learn more about Access Events Mission Control: http://www.accesseventsolutions.com/access-mission-control

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