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outdoor ipad kiosksIt's summer and July 4th is  is just around the corner, which means some of you will be using your lilitabs for outdoor events. So we figured now would be a good time to share some tips on using your lilitab iPad kiosk at outdoor events.

1). Stake it down!stake and mallet If you are using your lilitab tablet kiosk in a field, on grass or any soft, uneven ground you should consider staking it down. We find that 12" tent stakes can work well to stop your kiosk from getting blown or knocked over.
To stake down your lilitab you will need some tent stakes and a rubber mallet. 
For a completely concealed look you can hammer the stake through the center opening on your base.
For more resistance to wind and event attendees you can hammer additional stakes in around the perimeter of the base.

how to stake down your iPad kiosk

2). Lock it
If you're worried about someone walking off with your kiosk you can use the kensington lock point towards the bottom of the lilitab Floor's tube mount to secure your kiosk to a long (3'+) stake.

3). Consider sunlight
Direct sunlight can not only wash out the screen but potentially overheat your tablet (especially in direct, bright sunlight for an extended period of time).
You should always place your lilitab iPad kiosk in some shade, this will improve the screen viewability but also protect against thermal failure.

4). Keep it out of the rain!
Your lilitab should never be exposed to rain or water, if you are using your lilitab outside and it may rain you should consider using a pop-up shade structure (like the ones you might see at a street-fair) to protect from direct rain. As a side benefit it will also help with protecting against the sun (see above, "Consider Sunlight").

5). Extended Battery
ipad kiosk extended battery holder Need to run all day without any access to power? Your iPad (and most tablets) should run about 6-8 hours from their own internal battery. If your kiosk needs to run longer than that an external battery pack can add anywhere from 1-24 hours of additional run time. We can provide an enclosure for an extended battery that can attach to the base or the backdrop graphic, see photo.

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