02 Jun , 2016

More and more restaurants are becoming aware of the benefits of adding self-service kiosks to their operation. Studies have shown that those using a kiosk have seen an increase in extra sales of up to 6%. Tablet kiosks can take orders and payment, provide nutritional information and serve up customer feedback surveys. In the past, these were all things that required a dedicated employee to manage. Now they can all be controlled with a click of a button. If you have been thinking about adding a tablet kiosk to your restaurant establishment here are four things you should know:

1. Reduced Overhead Costs
Panera Bread has set a great example of how the ordering and payment process can become streamlined. Imagine a restaurant where your customers stroll in, punch in their order and swipe a card to pay. Fewer cashiers are needed, freeing up employees for a variety of tasks around the restaurant, reducing hiring costs and increasing your bottom line.

2. Shorter Wait Times
With many of your customers ordering on tablets, you can also expect fewer lineups (resulting in less frustration across the board). Tablet kiosk ordering and payment processing is a faster and easier alternative. What used to be a headache for everyone, has now become a quick and painless experience. Customers can be in and out within minutes.

3. Don't Skimp!
Something to keep in mind when purchasing your kiosk system, is that you do need the complete package. What we mean by that is, it's not enough to connect your iPad to a generic mount and call it a day. The standard is an up to date tablet paired with a secure tablet enclosure and either a floor, counter, surface or wall mount. Last but not least, is well designed software. Easy to use software is a key aspect of successful kiosk ordering systems. The goal here is to make ordering a simple and painless experience for the customer.

4. Keep Your Customers Informed
Kiosks excel at "true browsing", a scenario where a customer browses all available information. Think about having a dedicated tablet kiosk for customer feedback and education. Tablet kiosks are perfect for surveys and long-form nutritional info or educational articles to take center stage. Kiosks become useful for a variety of different functionalities, allowing your customers to browse and engage on their own. It enhances the in-store experience, trust and loyalty with your brand.

The restaurant of the future is on the horizon! How do you feel about kiosks in restaurants? Maybe you own a restaurant and are ready to install a kiosk system? Check out our product comparison to see which model is right for your store! Questions? We can help! Email info@lilitab.com for more details.

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