15 Apr , 2016

The use of tablet kiosks in businesses, whether it be retail, restaurants, museums, hospitality, etc, is continuing to grow in popularity. Kiosks offer a convenient way to sell your products, display helpful information or run a promotion (and the list goes on). Here are five benefits you’ll see when adding a tablet kiosk to your business.

1. Enhances Customer Experience
In an age of ‘online everything’, customers want to be able to have product information right at their fingertips. Having a tablet kiosk in all different venues (retail, museums, hospitality, etc) will enhance the in-store experience for your customers. Once your customer is dialed in to what your kiosk is promoting, your levels of engagement will sky rocket and return visits will increase.

2. Reduces Overhead Cost
Having a kiosk in-store that’s interacting with your customers can actually reduce the number of team members you need. You’re also able to offer more services at a lower cost. For example, you’d like to hire a tour guide for your museum or art gallery but you can’t afford to hire someone full or even part time. A tablet kiosk can be set up in the lobby with an interactive map featuring information on different key points to visit and how to get there throughout your venue.

3. Improves Sales
What business doesn’t want that? Having a kiosks in-store that’s easily available and in strategic locations for your customers, will allow you to reach more people (which in return increases your potential to add sales). The customer will also be happy your kiosk is saving them time by finding out product information, pricing, features, etc, just with a few clicks. Picture this, your store is packed and your one sales associate can’t get to everyone fast enough. People are frustrated and walking out the door (resulting in lost sales). With a kiosk, a customer could make a purchase right then and there and not even have to wait to speak with someone directly. There’s less chance of that customer leaving without making that purchase when the process is simplified. It’s also a great way to help reduce the size of a line up to pay for items. For example, Panera uses kiosks to give customers digital ordering choices.

4. Gathers Feedback
Tablet kiosks are a great way to capture insights from how your customers are purchasing, what information they are seeking out or how many people entered a contest or promotion (for example). Another great option is to have a survey on your kiosk and collect feedback from your customer. Not only will you gain valuable information about your consumer, but you now have an email address to add to your email marketing list, gaining the ability to continue on the conversation with your customer well after they’ve left your store.

5. Promotes Loyalty
Remember that customer in our 3rd point that walked into the store and purchased something through your kiosk? That same customer will come back time and time again because the sales process was so easy and convenient for them. They appreciated the user experience and respected that your business is using the latest technology to capture that sale. Well done!

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