19 Sep , 2013

The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California showcases and celebrates the music products industry, providing opportunities for cultural enrichment through special exhibitions, innovative concerts and educational programs.  On permanent display are hundreds of vintage instruments, audio and video clips, and a vibrant interactive area.  Organized chronologically, each gallery features the historic milestones, popular music and instruments of those eras.  A snapshot of music business practices and nostalgic re-creations of music stores provide a glimpse into the music products industry. 

The museum has been using Lilitab Floor iPad kiosks for over a year. This is their story. Cue the dramatic soundtrack ;)

The Challenges

This museum faced a number of challenges common to many museums worldwide. They have exciting ever-changing content to share with visitors, but limited resources to bring everything to the best light.

How to engage museum visitors in audio exhibits while still providing a personalized experience?

How to create and highlight new exhibits and special events without spending too much money?

How to capture visitor information and encourage newsletter subscriptions?

How to fit exhibit pieces into limited floor or storage space?

The Solution

Lilitab Floor iPad Kiosks

The Museum of Making Music was one of the first Lilitab customers to utilize the headphone mount accessory. Beginning with their "Sound of Sax" and continuing with "The Harp – A Global Story of Man, Music & Medicine," lilitab kiosks have been used to encourage exploration of sound samples of these instruments being performed in many musical styles.

Lilitab Floor iPad Kiosks with the Banner Mount Branding and Graphics option quickly update the kiosk with new promotional or special event banners.

The lilitab kiosks are even being used throughout the museum for convenient newsletter sign up stations.

The design of the liltab Floor is streamlined and elegant. When not in use, lilitabs can be stored in sturdy Floor ATA Flight Cases. Disassembly is as fast as set up (one day turnaround on this exhibit-no problem!) and requires no special tools.

The Result

With a simple purchase of a fleet of lilitab kiosks, the Museum of Making Music created a versatile, elegant and interactive addition to their exhibits. They stated, "the kiosks have a clean, elegant design that compliments our exhibits and displays very nicely.  Lilitab's ability to securely display and provide just the right amount of access to the iPad was the perfect solution to our exhibit needs."

The ROI has been huge as they continue to provide opportunities for people to develop their personal connections with music.

And the lilting score slowly fades away . . .


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