ID Capture accessory for Lilitab iPad kiosk system - rear close up view
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ID Capture Accessory


Product Overview

Works with H style Head Units and the iPad 10.2” 9th Generation.

The Lilitab ID Capture Accessory makes capturing images of ID-sized documents quick and easy. Using the iPad 7th, 8th or 9th Generation’s rear camera, the ID accessory’s built-in mirror folds the camera’s path to point downwards, enabling the photo capture of ID cards placed in the tray.

Easy to integrate

You can use the Lilitab Kiosk Management System (KMS) to present your website and enable ID capture without a native app or any iOS programming. Alternatively, you can use your own iOS app.

Lots of applications

Patient registration. Save your patients time by allowing ID capture of their insurance or patient card.

Visitor Record. Our ID accessory can capture and log visitor’s driver licenses or ID cards at hotels, events, etc.

Security check-in. Anywhere security is a factor, capturing IDs can help avoid false entry and reduce threats.

Lilitab ID Capture Accessory Product Sheet