Barcode capture accessory for Lilitab tablet kiosks
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Barcode Capture Accessory


Product Overview

The Lilitab Barcode Accessory greatly streamlines barcode scanning for the iPad 7th, 8th, and 9th Generation, fitting perfectly with our H style head units. Its integrated mirror reflects the rear camera's path to be directed downwards, allowing users to scan QR and barcodes simply by waving them underneath the kiosk.

Easy to integrate

You can use the Lilitab Kiosk Management System (KMS) to present your web-site and enable barcode scanning without a native app or any iOS programming. Alternatively you can use Apple’s iOS barcode reading functionality within your own iOS app.

Lots of applications

Grab-n-Go. For self-checkout kiosks, the barcode scanner can easily capture your product barcodes or QR codes for quick product entry.

Visitor registration. Save your guests time and frustration by emailing or texting them a QR code that be can used at check-in.

Special offers and promotions. Send QR codes to your customers for special discounts or promotional pricing.

Price look-up (PLU). Allow your customers to scan product barcodes that trigger your software to pull up pricing, videos and other product details.

Lilitab iPad Kiosk Barcode Capture Accessory Product Sheet
Lilitab Barcode Accessory video