Lilitab's exclusive MagKey securely sleeps your iPad when not in use—waking in the same state you left it in.

The patented MagKEY is included with both the Pro and Basic lines. It's simple to use—just insert the MagKEY into the provided slot on the backside of the Lilitab head unit. Once inserted, your iPad will sleep, saving power. While asleep, the iPad can still receive updates and perform background tasks. When you want to wake the iPad, simply remove the MagKEY and voilá—resumes functions immediately.

The MagKEY is ideal for retail stores that power down their fixtures at night. Staff can securely sleep the Lilitab without accessing or removing the iPad. Directions for use are printed on the MagKEY. It couldn't be more simple to use. Lose your MagKEY? Not a problem. You can order replacement keys from our website for $10.

MagKEY instructions