basic lineBASIC MOUNT

Advanced functionality on a budget. The Lilitab Basic Line offers a cost-effective way to deploy public-facing tablets. The Basic Line can accept all out head types supporting multiple tablets, including iPads, Samsung and Windows tablets. Your Lilitab Head choice attaches via six security screws and is fixed (no tilt). It's best suited for installations where the kiosk is set up once, without user requirement to adjust the tilt of the head. If you'll be setting up and taking down your kiosks regularly (for example, when attending tradeshows or events), or require user-operated tilt for ADA or accessibility reasons, we recommend our Pro Line with their advanced MagDOCK locking dock.

pro linePRO MOUNT

The Lilitab Pro Line offers the increased functionality of our patented MagDOCK with user-operated tilt and a locking/docking mechanism that enables quick tablet access, and zero downtime with a turn of the key.

No cables to connect or screws to fiddle with—simply dock the head unit on the mount and it starts charging.

smart lineSMART MOUNT

The Lilitab Smart Line's patented SmartDOCK provides all the features of the Pro Line while enabling secure, seamless tablet sharing—providing both mobility and enterprise-grade security without the need for a physical key.

With the Lilitab Smart Line, staff can unlock the tablet with the touch of an on-screen button. Once unlocked, the Head Unit can be removed from the dock and used in hand-held fashion for easy assisted-selling, maintenance, or to access the tablet.

When finished, simply place the Head Unit onto the dock in any orientation, where it will automatically lock in place and begin charging—no cables to connect.

While in-hand, an audit trail ensures the chain of custody is maintained until the tablet is returned to the mount.