How are colleges, libraries and museums using Lilitab-enabled tablets and kiosks? Name it—it’s very likely being done.

Lilitab-enabled tablets and kiosks are used for wayfinding and digital signage, as seamless and secure tuition and fee payment terminals, as directories; to create, review and print badges and ID cards, and, of course, as venue and event check-in terminals—to name just a few applications.

Such usage is expanding exponentially, too, and for good reason: students, professors, visitors and staff all appreciate the speed and simplicity provided by Lilitab-enabled tablets and kiosks.

Deliver the digitally-enabled experiences students, professors and library and museum visitors seek.
College students and faculty, along with library and museum staff and visitors tend to be a technologically savvy bunch.

After years of personal smartphone and tablet use such individuals crave similar technology in public spaces and jump at the chance to use such devices for everything from information gathering to registration to product and service payment.

More and more museums, libraries and institutions of higher learning are following the lead of organizations such as the University of California Santa Cruz, which recently deployed Lilitab-enabled tablets in their cafeterias for customized food ordering.

With sleek, simple-to-use design and thoughtful software solutions, Lilitab-enabled tablets provide engaging, satisfying experiences for an almost limitless spectrum of applications.

An intelligent solution for a top college.
Chapman University’s Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library in Orange, CA houses permanent and rotating exhibits about families and individuals affected by the Holocaust.

After museum leaders decided they wanted to improve the visitor experience by making their exhibits and stories more engaging and immersive they turned to Lilitab for ideas.

After learning about the museum’s needs, Lilitab devised a solution which utilizes standard and custom tablet kiosks as vehicles for highly customized content, including video, which draws visitors into stories while seamlessly integrating with exhibit architecture and design.

Easy-to-use touch screen apps make interaction simple, intuitive and satisfying. Staff and visitors alike have embraced Lilitab’s kiosks enthusiastically, and museum management describes the technology as a welcome and necessary bridge linking past, present and future.

Keep your team engaged and happy. Give them the tools they need to succeed.
Liltab-powered tablets don’t just benefit your students, visitors and patrons. Such technology also dramatically increases the productivity and effectiveness of librarians, university staff, and professors by providing digital tools for hiring, training, time and attendance tracking, sales, inventory management, and so much more.

Improve customer experience

Reduce long wait times

Increase revenue and reduce costs

Increased sales for faster ROI

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