The liliswipe Magnetic Stripe Reader adds secure payment processing to your lilitab kiosk.

liliswipe is our own apple MFI certified credit card reader designed specifically for kiosk use. It's tightly integrated into our modular enclosure system with no exposed cables and fits with all of our mounts. With our SDK you can integrate it into your own app and use your existing merchant account and gateway, no need for a hosted payment solution!

It includes pass-through power so your tablet will remain charged at all times. On the Pro unit it even works after you undock the head, making it great for assisted selling. It includes a triple-track reading & encrypting reader head so you can read driver's licenses, loyalty cards, practically anything with a magstripe! The default configuration uses a Magtek reader head and is compatible with iOS lightning devices such as the iPad 4, iPad Air and Air2. If required by your back end processor we can fit a Verifone reader head in lieu of the default Magtek head.

Not using an iPad in your lilitab? No Problem. We can fit a USB reader head to interface with the USB port on an Android or Microsoft tablet into the same enclosure.

Supporting Files and Documents

SDK Manual Video Tutorial
liliswipe Test App Lilitab Swipe Test App
PCI compliance statement PCI compliance statement