The Lilitab Kiosk Management System (KMS) coupled with smartly designed hardware provides everything you need to deploy a full-service, enterprise-grade kiosk network without the need for custom iOS app development, saving you time and money.

Eyelation's endless aisle kiosks is a great example of Lilitab's end-to-end solution. They are makers of ANSI-approved prescription strength safety glasses and safety footwear and co-locate employee ordering kiosks inside the manufacturing facilities of Fortune 500 companies, such as Tesla and Pepsi. It was time to replace their large, expensive, and difficult-to-manage PC-based kiosks. They turned to Lilitab for their lower cost, sleek, compact design, and easier-to-manage tablet kiosk system; however, they needed the ability to capture eyeglass prescriptions, keep the tablet charged, and make a statement.

Lilitab’s custom end-to-end solution included both hardware and software. For the hardware, they created a custom-sized Floor Pro mount along with a backdrop graphic that could hold an 8.5” x 11” eyeglass prescription document. The custom mount allowed the tablet’s camera to easily capture the script. The Lilitab MagDOCK automatically charges the tablet while docked, and can be undocked when needed. For software, the tablet is powered by KMS, which enabled Eyelation to skip iOS development and use standard web development practices instead. This significantly reduced their development cost and time-to-market resulting in a speedy and successful deployment.

Lilitab KMS is specifically built to deliver enterprise-class kiosk network performance, giving your network administrators a full-featured dashboard displaying status and performance metrics for each kiosk in your network. This allows trouble to be detected and addressed before it happens, and it facilitates centralized call-in network support, increasing uptime and dramatically reducing network maintenance costs.

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