RFideas WAVE ID usb RFID reader enclosure for iPad and other tablets
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rfIDEAS Wave ID Plus Mini RFID Reader Powered Accessory Enclosure


Product Overview

Attach an rfIDEAS WaveID Plus Mini RFID reader for keyboard wedge (no software integration required) RFID input.

This powered accessory enclosure securely holds your RFideas WAVE ID Plus Mini RFID readers (not included) and fits our H or P Heads. It comes with a charge cable for your accessory.

This accessory can be used with our H or P Heads and any Pro or Basic kiosk. 

NOTE 1: Does NOT include rfIDEAS WaveID Plus Mini RFID reader (purchased separately), Model #: RDR-80032KU-C16.

NOTE 2: RFideas Wave ID Plus Mini requires an apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter for lightning iPads or a USB-C OTG adapter for all other USB-C tablets (NOT included).

NOTE 3: Not available for after-market purchase; must be purchased with head unit.

RFideas WAVE ID Plus installation video