• Lilitab Floor Graphic Merchandizer

Stand Out

Use this full-length (10"x 6'), double-sided graphic merchandizer to display your products right on your lilitab Floor tablet kiosk. It's easy to install and very convenient for customers to link your tablet content with your merchandise below. Use two hooks or all six for maximum impact.

Supporting PDF Document

 Graphic Merchandizer Artwork Template

*CRITICAL artwork submission notes: 
1. Open template in Adobe Illustrator.
2. Convert all type to outlines.
3. Embed all images. 
4. Retain the template as a layer.
5ONLY 150 DPI PDFs accepted! 
6. For accurate color matching use the Pantone color system. Do NOT use CMYK.

After you have placed your order, please use the form below to submit your artwork for production.

Please send any questions to branding@lilitab.com

 Note 1: Typically requires a 3 day lead time (+shipping time) from the submission of acceptable artwork.

Note 2: For orders involving multiple prints of the same file lead times are as follows: 1-5 units - 3 days / 6-12 units - 4 days / more than 12 units - to be arranged.

lilitab Floor Graphic Merchandizer


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