Accessory Panel Headphone Mount
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Accessory Panel Headphone Mount


Product Overview

Turn it up.

Adding voice over or music to your iPad kiosk experience can really make an impact. With our new accessory headphone mount it couldn't be easier. It attaches to any of our head units on your lilitab tablet kiosk and works with any of our mounts. It attaches to the Home button side of your enclosure.

Note 1: Not available for after-market purchase

Note 2: Not available for Heads configured for iPad Pro 11"

When used with our H or P Head, the headphones plug directly into the side of the enclosure.

When used with our K Head, the headphone cable exits the stand through the courtesy cable slot in the head unit accessory panel.  Note: With the K Head, you must use headphones that have a right angled headphone connector (such as the Sony MDR-ZX100 shown in the photos).