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Faceplates 2.0


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Faceplates for the lilitab tablet kiosk system generation 2.0.

These faceplates offer openings for the front facing camera and Home (iPad) or Windows (Microsoft Surface RT) button in various combinations.

iPad Kiosk

  • Camera + Pinhole Home*
  • Pinhole Home
  • Camera + Home

Android Kiosk

  • Camera
  • Blank

Windows Kiosk

  • Camera + Windows


* The Camera + Pinhole Home faceplate can be used in two different ways with your iPad kiosk:

1). With the pinhole over the Home button it offers casual security against application switching (the user needs a paper-clip to actuate the Home button).

2). With the Camera opening over the Home button for instances where you need to access the Home button easily.

The Pinhole Home faceplate can be used with the pinhole over the home button or over the camera. When the pinhole is positioned over the home button you can use a paper-clip to trigger the home button. If you position the pinhole over the camera the home button is completely inaccessible.

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