• Picture Pro Tablet Kiosk
  • Picture Pro Tablet Kiosk
  • Picture Pro Tablet Kiosk
  • Picture Pro Tablet Kiosk


The lilitab Picture Mount Pro is the most low profile tablet kiosk we make; protruding only 2" from the wall. It is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As with all our Pro kiosks, the head unit can be docked in either portrait or landscape. It attaches directly to any surface and offers the key-operated MagDOCK found on the Pro line of kiosks allowing you to turn a key to dock and undock the head unit. 

The Picture Pro is tablet friendly, supporting most 10" tablets on the market including Apple iPads & Samsung Tablets, among others, and some 12" tablets like the iPad Pro 12.9".  Add a branded Faceplate Graphic to make your Picture Pro tablet kiosk pop!

Cabling can be routed down the face of the wall or internally behind the sheetrock or wall facing. It's also a great option for attaching to cabinetry or other fixtures.

Note: Screws to attach to your wall are NOT included. You know what your wall is made from, we don't.

Pro advantages

Our patented MagDOCK locking dock is located in the top of the pole where the lilitab head is mounted. With the turn of a key, the head unit easily detaches for assisted selling, maintenance or access to the tablet. Dock the head unit in portrait or landscape orientation and the pass-through power automatically begins to charge the tablet, no cables to connect!

When used with an iPad the patented MagKEY enables your staff to quickly and securely sleep your iPad without having any access to the tablet itself. This is  critical for maintaining tablet security and preventing accidental deletion of apps and settings by untrained personnel. To wake the iPad, simply remove the MagKEY and voilá — it resumes functions immediately.

One MagKEY is shipped with every kiosk that is configured for only the following tablets:

iPad 2, 3 or 4 (K Head)

iPad Air 1 or 2 (K Head)

iPad 5th & 6th Gen (K Head)

In every lilitab

It likes to dress up. The lilitab Tablet Kiosk System accepts a large range of accessories that can bring your brand to life. They include a Keyboard Mount and Faceplate Graphic.

Swipe away. Add payment processing to your lilitab kiosk with our secure card reader, the liliswipe Magnetic Stripe Reader. It is designed to work with an iPad with lightning port.

Radio transparent. Because there is no metal in our head unit, it won't interfere with your tablet's various signals (WiFi, 4G, and Bluetooth). That gives you maximum range and data throughput.

Tablet safe. Silicone pads inside the lilitab head unit cradle your tablet against bumps and knocks. This ensures your tablet is safe from damage if dropped.

No exposed cables. All lilitabs route the cabling internally through the kiosk ensuring no exposed cables are damaged or stolen.

Upgradeable. Changing tablets? Swap in a new head customized for your tablet and your ready to go, no need to buy a new kiosk!

Convenient charging. All of our kiosks feature the ability to keep your tablet continuously charged by plugging it into a wall outlet or adding an external battery pack.

Faceplate options. We have the widest range of faceplate options on the market for hiding or exposing the camera and home button.

*tablet not included

Picture Pro Tablet Kiosk

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Why this tablet kiosk?

● ADA compliant

No cane guard needed when placed in a hallway or circulation path.

● Keyed Docking & Tablet Access

Dock in portrait or landscape, makes setup and maintenance a snap.

● VESA 75 Compliant

Attach to many third-party monitor arms & mounts.

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