The Lilitab Swipe system involves several components
that work together, including:

Lilitab products which support magnetic stripe reading include the lilitab M with Swipe, designed for use with the iPad Mini, and the lilitab Swipe Accessory, designed for use with full size iPads in combination with lilitab Basic and lilitab Pro tablet kiosks.

Card Reader
All versions of the Lilitab Swipe can be configured with either Verifone or Magtek magnetic stripe readers.  These card readers are available in both encrypted and non-encrypted versions.

Encrypted readers encrypt the credit card data at the reader head, so no plain-text credit card information is available anywhere in the system.  The card information is decrypted by the payment processor.  For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that only encrypted readers are used in production deployments where credit card data is involved.

When secure processing is not required, such as for customer affinity programs where only a customer number (for example) is retrieved from the card, a non-encrypting reader may be preferred, as the data is then immediately available for use by the app.

Lilitab Swipe SDK
Lilitab publishes and maintains an SDK which provides XCode  objects and sample functions for operating the Lilitab Swipe hardware.  Along with the SDK, Lilitab publishes an SDK User Guide as documentation for the SDK.  Finally, there is sample code and a series of tutorial videos available to assist the developer in incorporating the SDK in their xCode project.

Lilitab Swipe App
Lilitab also publishes Lilitab Swipe, an app available in the App Store. The Lilitab Swipe app is built with the Lilitab Swipe SDK and demonstrates card reading. It also provides for testing of indicator LEDs, display of accessory status and updating of accessory firmware.