KMS Support



Lilitab KMS is a cloud-based, enterprise-class kiosk management system that provides both local and corporate managers with visibility throughout their kiosk deployment.

Working with Lilitab SmartDOCK intelligent mounts, Lilitab KMS mobilizes tablet-kiosk commerce. Lilitab KMS manages device use by multiple authorized users, maintaining a chain of custody and providing key features including geofencing, metrics gathering, comprehensive reports, and both local and enterprise‑wide network monitoring and administration.

Lilitab KMS uses a secure browser to deliver online assets directly to your customers. The secure browser limits browsing to an approved domain list and includes an inactivity timeout so that it will reset to a specified home page when left unattended. KMS functionality can also be incorporated into custom iOS apps using the Lilitab KMS SDK.


The Lilitab KMS User Guide will help you learn the details of using, deploying, and administering Lilitab KMS.


The Lilitab KMS SDK allows you to embed KMS access and functionality into your own iOS native app.

The Lilitab KMS app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and will get you started with Lilitab KMS and SmartDOCK in a few simple clicks.


If you have any questions not answered here or in the User Guide, please feel free to write or call.  We’re here to help!