KMS Software

Lilitab Kiosk Management Systems (KMS) provides everything you need to deploy a custom, enterprise-grade, full-service kiosk network from a web asset, saving you money and time-to-deployment by eliminating the need for custom iOS app development.

KMS quick glance:

  • > Your web app through a secure browser.
  • > Dashboard with remote administration and monitoring of network worldwide.
  • > Reporting of customizable metrics measuring system performance in real-time.
  • > Integrates with Lilitab SmartDOCK, enabling secure docking and tablet sharing.
  • > Audit trail that reports to your dashboard.
  • > Provides hand-held mobility with geolocation, geofencing, and recorded chain of custody.
  • > Makes credit card processing, receipt printing, bar code scanning available.
  • > Tracks network connectivity, power and charge levels to ensure deployment reliability.