Overview/ what is it?

Lilitab KMS enables the creation of full-service, enterprise-class tablet kiosk networks with just a simple web-page.

The KMS platform presents a web application making connected peripherals available via simple javascript calls embedded in the web-page.  This allows deployers to build web-based kiosk applications for iPads, avoiding expensive and time-consuming iOS app development.

Lilitab KMS supports common kiosk functions and accessories, including payment processing, receipt printing, tablet sharing, barcode reading and more.

KMS includes a cloud-based administration console that provides network monitoring and management tools, including geofencing, performance metrics, comprehensive reports, and integration with JAMF MDM.

  • Present your web application in a secure browser
  • Enable your website to accept credit card payments via swipe and dip.
  • Provide integration with JAMF, allowing you to remotely deploy and maintain software on the tablets in your network
  • Provide reports and event logging to facilitate measurement of kiosk network performance
  • Facilitate processing of payments via Stripe

KMS removes custom iOS development – and the associated cost and time – from the scope of your project, allowing you to deploy your kiosk solution much more quickly via regular web development resources.

Web Dashboard

Our web dashboard helps you manage every tablet kiosk in your enterprise, remotely, worldwide. Grant or revoke staff access. Compare performance and usage by store or region. Track uptime statistics such as a number of transactions, the volume of sales per kiosk and quantity of unique visitors.

Built-in Features

  • Audit Trail (when used with Smart series kiosks)
  • Barcode Scanning via front and rear cameras
  • Image Capture via front and rear cameras
  • Geofencing and Geolocation (via wifi & GPS)
  • Peripheral Tracking (associate peripherals with tablets)
  • Web Dashboard
  • Remote URL Setting
  • JAMF Integration

Supported Peripherals

Payment Modules:

  • Magtek eDynamo
  • Liliswipe encrypting magstripe reader


  • Star Micronics Thermal Printers

RFID readers:

  • Coming soon