Pro Head Unit Cable
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Pro Head Unit Cable


Product Overview

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Use these cables inside the head unit of your lilitab Pro to provide power to your tablet. By swapping this cable and the faceplate you can fit a different tablet inside your kiosk. For example, you can replace an iPad with a Samsung Galaxy Tab using the right cable and faceplate. You can find the faceplates here.

Note: The cable connection inside the head unit and the cables themselves are not designed to be swapped out repeatedly. If you need to change the type of tablet your kiosk supports regularly, we recommend you purchase an additional head unit configured for your tablet (head units come with the cable and faceplate included). The MagDOCK feature on the Pro line makes head swapping a cinch. You can find the Lilitab head units here.

 Note: If you select the $5 "flat rate" shipping option this product will ship via USPS.